Benefits of Taking Sunflower Lecithin

More and more people are choosing natural supplements and herbs to achieve and maintain good health, one being sunflower lecithin.  Researchers and medical professionals have discovered that this type of lecithin is more beneficial than traditional soy lecithin.  Although lecithin is commonly used as an emulsifier there are many other reasons this should be added to the diet.

One of the greatest benefits of taking sunflower lecithin is its ability to break down fat within the body.  Now, keep in mind that lecithin is found at the cellular level in the body but not considered an essential nutrient.  Even so, it works by regulating waste materials that go into and out of cells but also the flow of nutrients.  For years, this substance has been used to help fight high cholesterol levels by preventing the buildup of fats, especially in the walls around the heart, veins, and arteries.

Sunflower lecithin has also been shown successful when used as a dietary supplement in the prevention of cirrhosis of the liver.  In this case, the lecithin has the ability to disperse fat and break it down so not build up in the liver occurs.  In addition, many people will take lecithin as a weight loss supplement.  Again, because it allows fat to break down instead of accumulate, it can aid in light to moderate weight loss.  The biggest advantage in taking sunflower lecithin over soy is that people do not experience and allergic reaction.

One of the primary ingredients found in this type of lecithin is 12% phosphatidycholine, which is where the medicinal properties come from.  Often referred to simply as PC, this ingredient is a part of the membranes surrounding cells in the body.  When taking this ingredient in the form of a supplement or through lecithin-rich foods, the body breaks it down into choline, which is what the brain depends on for optimal function.

In recent studies, several other benefits have been discovered.  First, it has been shown to promote gallbladder health, as well as actually prevent the formation of gallstones.  Lecithin can also improve brain function for specific diseases to include dementia, Alzheimer’s, and even some cases of amnesia.  Most recently, experts have found that adding sunflower to the diet improves health problems associated with the heart and it can be beneficial in patients with cancer.

For women’s health, sunflower lecithin has been proven to improve health of the reproductive system.  In fact, for pregnant women lecithin promotes a healthy pregnancy and ultimately, development of the baby.  Although more research is needed, some studies now show that this supplement is also good for promoting healthy breast cells, as well as glandular function.

Finally, men can also benefit from this type of lecithin specific to sperm count.  Since semen naturally contains large quantities of lecithin, supplementing the diet has been proven to increase the amount and volume of prostate secretions.  Because of this, sperm count is increased dramatically, which is great for men wanting children but not producing enough healthy sperm.

Remember, in addition to taking a sunflower supplement, a number of foods can boost levels in the body.  Lecithin is found only in natural foods and along with sunflower, other great choices include pumpkin seeds, unrefined vegetable oil, eggs, and butter.  Today, approximately 22% of people living in America are taking serious measures to eat better and live healthier.  This means adopting better balanced meals, getting adequate exercise, living a clean lifestyle, and now, adding sunflower lecithin to the diet.





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